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Top Tec MTF 5400 75W-90

63.00 AZN


Versatile transmission fluid based on synthetic technology. Offers large power reserves and exceeds the high test requirements of renowned vehicle manufacturers. Ensures that assemblies function perfectly, even under the most extreme operating conditions and when exposed to large temperature fluctuations. Reliable lubrication, optimum protection against wear and reduced transmission noise. Allows long oil change intervals.


For use in high-load manual, transaxle, auxiliary and differential transmissions. Especially recommended for use in vehicles from Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Seat, Škoda and Volkswagen, as well as for vehicles from other manufacturers.

Uyğunluq və tövsiyyələr:
Ford ESD-M2C 175-A
Ford ESD-M2C 186-A
Ford WSD-M2C 200-C
MB 235.72
VW 501 50
VW G 005 000
VW G 052 145
VW G 052 157
VW G 052 190
VW G 052 911
VW G 50
VW G 51

Yağ tipi: Sintetik
Özlülük: 75W-90